Is Christmas the Clue to the Big Finish teaser?

Feast of StevenAt the end of their announcement of Lily Arwell appearing in The Churchill Years (see Picture of Lily completes Churchill casting) David Richardson drops a little teaser promising further announcements over the next few days. This may be as late as this Friday, so while we wait, I thought I’d throw out some ideas as to what might be happening…

The announcement

A direct tease from the Big Finish site:

There might be one more significant recurring character from 21st Century Doctor Who that is on the brink of announcement… Watch this space over the coming days!

Who will it be? Only one character so not the Paternoster gang. Could it be a companion? Donna? Rose? Martha? I don’t think so. I notice something of a small trend in recent announcements.


With Lily Arwell (The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe) joining Kazran Sardick (A Christmas Carol) there is a brace of Christmas connections. Look further, the Classic Who, New Monsters has the Seventh Doctor facing the Sycorax (The Christmas Invasion). What if there is more to come? What other Christmas specials might merit a revisit?

I don’t think we’ll get Kylie as Astrid (though perhaps Alonso Frame might reappear, though Russel Tovey is very busy), and much as I’d like Shona to return, it might be too soon. What about The Next Doctor? What happened to Jackson Lake after he met the Doctor? This could easily spawn a series of stories!

That’s my guess, what do you think? Let me know!

Update 4 August 2015

I hadn’t thought about the word returning sufficiently (thanks to Simon Wood for commenting) so I am not suggesting it might be Wilf as played by Bernard Cribbins. He was in a Christmas special, and many other stories and has already worked with Big Finish (Horror of Glam Rock). We find out in a couple of days!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon Wood says:

    A Jackson Lake story would be great – but why would they describe him as a ‘recurring character’?

    I think I’d like to hear a decent villain in a new story – Madam Kovarian, perhaps, or even Missy….? Maybe not the Great Intelligence though…


    1. Tony Jones says:

      You make a good point I’d overlooked! I’ll put my thinking head on though I might go for Capt Avery (I think I suggested him once already)


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