The Unsilent Library

Here’s something I missed in 2011 when it was released, The Unsilent Library. It’s a set of critical essays on the RTD era, and includes one by Una McCormack as well as a Robert Shearman introduction. It’s a Science Fiction Foundation title and was originally priced at £10 but is now just £1 + postage! *** Message…

AHistory Volume 4

It’s been twelve years since Mad Norwegian Press brought us volume 3 of Ahistory, Lance Parkin’s unauthorised timeline for Doctor Who, and 2018 sees a massive update for a three volume fourth edition! Across the three volumes are over one million words of analysis of the show, plenty enough to keep any fan occupied! September 2018…

Seasons of War – Gallifrey review

I enjoyed the charity fan fiction Seasons of War – Gallifrey and put together some thoughts for The Doctor Who Companion. The review is a bit picky about the writing rather than the story, this is not to suggest I didn’t enjoy the book. My review is: REVIEWED: SEASONS OF WAR – GALLIFREY. +++ Message Ends +++

Temporal Logbook II now published

My Fifth Doctor and Peri story Flowers in the Rain is now published along with the rest of the unauthorised charity collection Temporal Logbook II. It looks like a great set of stories, some familiar names among the authors and a massive 336 pages! Do let me know what you make of it! +++ Message Ends +++