AHistory Volume 4

It’s been twelve years since Mad Norwegian Press brought us volume 3 of Ahistory, Lance Parkin’s unauthorised timeline for Doctor Who, and 2018 sees a massive update for a three volume fourth edition! Across the three volumes are over one million words of analysis of the show, plenty enough to keep any fan occupied! September 2018 brought volume 1, volume 2 is available December 2018 with volume three bringing things to a close in March 2019.

Ahistory in three volumes

The scope is vast, the Amazon page for the set tells us:

The Fourth Edition of AHistory amends and vastly expands (by about 40%) the work of Third Edition, continuing to incorporate the whole of Doctor Who into a single timeline. All told, this Fourth Edition takes about 2000 (!!!!!) full-length Doctor Who stories and dates them in a single chronology — starting with the Universe’s origins and working its way forward to the end of time.

Specifically, this Fourth Edition covers all Doctor Who TV episodes through the end of the twelfth Doctor era starring Peter Capaldi (Twice Upon a Time); all New Series Adventures up through Diamond Dogs; the Big Finish audio range up through Static (#233); all Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, K9 and Class episodes, novels and comics; the Titan, IDW and Doctor Who Magazine comics; and a cornucopia of other Doctor Who spin-off series (Jago & Litefoot, Counter-Measures and more).

Volume 1 covered Prehistory and History sections (through 1962) of the Doctor Who universe. Also included: a bonus timeline to Big Finish’s The Confessions of Dorian Gray audios.

Volume 2 brings the Present Day, UNIT, Modern Day (through 2017) and Gallifrey sections of the Doctor Who universe.

If you’ve any capacity left for more information, Volume 3 will bring the Future History section of the Doctor Who universe — from the start of 2018 to its final, sputtering heat death.

All available via Amazon or the Mad Norwegian Press site.


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