Obverse books: 3 for 2 on download archives

With greater numbers of people staying at home, Obverse Books has made all titles in the Silver Archive and Black Archive 2 for 1 on download. Details below:

Obverse Books 2 for 2 offer

Here’s their press release:

Hi all,

Like pretty much everyone else we’re in self-isolation just now, only going out to buy food and occasionally to post books – including the two latest Black Archives, a pair of notoriously marmite serials, with James Cooray Smith re-appraising THE UNDERWATER MENACE and Will Shaw examining THE RINGS OF AKHATEN.  Both books are now available for immediate download/dispatch from the Obverse website.

However, we’ve had a lot of people buying Obverse ebooks rather than physical books recently, for obvious reasons – since we’re all stuck inside, it seems everyone has more time on their hands for reading but less inclination to go to book shops. More time to read is a good thing, obviously, but can work out expensive if you’re rattling through your TBR pile.

So, to make things a little cheaper, we’ve created a code that lets you do a 3 for 2 on all the Black and Silver Archives – buy three electronic copies of titles from either or both ranges and enter this code


to get one of the three books free!

To nick a phrase from a slightly bigger company, every little helps 

Hope everyone is keeping safe, and thanks for all your support,


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