…and then there were twelve

Nicholas Briggs as the Doctor by Paul Hanley (cropped)Incarnations of Doctor Who are like buses – none for nearly a decade now we are about to move onto the fourth of the new era which is probably the Twelfth Doctor though that ignores the John Hurt revelation (The real Ninth Doctor?) the various Doctors in Curse of Fatal DeathPeter Cushing, David Warner in the Big Finish Unbound range and of course Nick Briggs (pictured – illustrated by Paul Hanley) who was the second (and mainstay) Doctor in the AudioVisuals range.

What next?

No sooner was I wondering how to fill the time until the 50th Anniversary special (Did the Game Change for You?) when Matt Smith [finally] announces the much-anticipated news that he is off (and his stint is relatively long) and will regenerate in the 2013 Christmas story which is expected to be called Twelfth Night.

I have no content to add to the ‘good news | bad news | life goes on’ debate and even came up with some suggestions here a while ago. All I will say is let’s hope this time next year (or later I believe) we are enjoying Clara + 12. Doctor Who is like an old rock band – members change but the Song Remains the Same.

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