On Target with new Who novels

Penguin books is producing a new collection of Target Doctor Who books, focused on the new series. We may be some way from getting The Empty Child (see mock-up by Andrew-Mark Thompson (and his related post Revisiting the Eccleston Target Book Covers…) there’s plenty to look forward to. Details from the Penguin site suggest April 2018 release for five novels.

Penguin Target Collection 2018

The four new series titles are:

Rose by Russell T Davies

The Christmas Invasion by Jenny T Colgan

The Day of the Doctor by Steven Moffat

Twice Upon a Time by Steven Moffat.


There’s also an odd inclusion (given it’s a recent release) of City of Death by James Goss.

Is there a market for these? The original Target books were from an era of watch once never see again except if repeated TV. Do modern fans need a retro-series of titles? On the other hand there’s clearly a market in general, and I’m fascinated to read Russell and Steven’s novels of their own work. Interesting to see this year’s Christmas special in the list.

What do you think? Will you buy these? Let me know!



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