See The Faceless Ones at the BFI this February

February 29, 2020 the British Film Institute (BFI) will show the reconstructed / animated The Faceless Ones. This missing Second Doctor story will be shown at 12 pm and there’s a Q&A with Anneke Wills. Tickets on sale from 14 January from the BFI. The DVD is released later this year! *** Message Ends ***

Tickets available for the BFI launch of the animated Macra Terror

The BFI has announced availability of tickets for the launch screening of the new animated Second Doctor story The Macra Terror. Tickets are £27 including a copy of the DVD, The screening is Saturday 16 March at 12 noon and Anneke Wills is there for a Q&A after the showing. Details: DVD Preview: Doctor Who – The Macra…

Second Doctor Who Audio Annual review

Like the first Doctor Who Audio Annual, this is a two-disc set of six stories, on for each of the first six Doctors, each read by an actor who played a companion (or the Master). The stories are from original 1960s-80s Doctor Who Annuals, and are well read and produced. The cast of readers is again Peter Purves,…

Second Doctor Who Audio Annual coming!

Great news if you liked The Doctor Who Audio Annual is the Second Doctor Who Audio Annual. It’s the same readers: Peter Purves, Anneke Wills, Geoffrey Beevers, Matthew Waterhouse and Nicola Bryant. It’s out on April 5, 2018. I really liked the first one and will be getting this.

Doctor Who Audio Annual review

Congratulations to all those involved for creating the Doctor Who Audio Annual, released December 2017. Short review: if you like the Big Finish Short Trips range, this is an easy purchase. It’s currently £11.49 on Amazon UK, which for six stories over two discs compares well pricewise. The six stories (from Doctor Who Annuals mid-1960s- mid-1980s) are read by five…

The Night Witches review

I reviewed the great historical Early Adventures: The Night Witches for Cultbox: The Night Witches (Doctor Who audio) review. It’s a cracking story, and everyone is at the top of their game. It’s the first of a bunch of stories by Roland Moore, and on the strength of this we are in for a treat. +++ Message…

Doctor Who Audio Annual coming out for Christmas

Fans of Doctor Who on audio might want to make a note of the Doctor Who Audio Annual to be released on December 7 (2017). It was recorded by Ladbroke Audio, and features the vocal talents of Peter Purves, Anneke Wills, Geoffrey Beevers, Matthew Waterhouse and Nicola Bryant. Stories cover (as you might have guessed) the first six…

Polly returns at Christmas!

Keen viewers of the new trailer for Twice Upon a Time will have spotted a familiar mop of blonde hair and Polly Wright no less. It’s not Anneke Wills, nor is it Ellie Spicer who played Anneke in An Adventure in Space and Time. Instead it seems to be (not yet confirmed) Virginia McKenna’s granddaughter, Lily Travers. No…

First Doctor CC Volume 2 review

I’m catching up with some listening, and it’s time to talk Companion Chronicles The First Doctor Volume 2. It’s a great set of stories, and producer Ian Atkins has really pushed the envelope on the art of the possible with this set. You want more? Oh, alright then!

Falling review on Cultbox

I had a listen to the Jonathan Barnes Short Trip story Falling and reviewed it for Cultbox: Big Finish Doctor Who audio story reviews May 2017. It’s a nice story for Mrs Polly Jackson read by Anneke Wills, with some really nice moments. +++ Message Ends +++

The Forsaken reviewed on CultBox

I reviewed the Early Adventure: The Forsaken as part of the CultBox monthly Doctor Who round-up with Ian McArdell. A great Justin Richards Second Doctor story, this has Frazer Hines (Jamie), Anneke Wills (Polly) and Elliot Chapman (Ban Jackson). The review is: ‘Doctor Who’ audio play reviews round-up: Out in October 2015 from Big Finish. (** Message Ends **)

Elliot Chapman: Playing Ben Jackson Part II

In Playing Ben Jackson Part I, Elliot Chapman (shown dressed as Sixie at Big Finish Day 7) talked in great depth about approaching the role of Ben Jackson and gave a unique actor’s insight into how Michael Craze originally performed with the First Doctor. In this second part Elliot talks about Ben’s time with the Second Doctor, and Jamie….