Other views on series 11

I’m conscious my thoughts on series 11 of Doctor Who have been more negative than positive, and I’m guilty of the group think behaviour of referring out to people who agree with me. In the interest of balance I introduce two other sites with more upbeat takes on Jodie Whittaker’s time so far…

The DWC collective thoughts on Rosa

Yet again I’ve contributed to a group review over on the Doctor Who Companion, and this time it’s the episode Rosa. We seem more unified in our views than previous weeks, though there’s still some diversity of views. You can decide if you agree with any of us by visiting: HERE’S WHAT THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION THOUGHT OF…

Unearthly Child – predictable and depressing

Thanks to Clayton Hickman for tweeting the first ever Guardian review for Doctor Who episode An Unearthly Child  (aka 100,000 BC). To say reviewer Mary Crozier was unimpressed is an understatement and the Guardian themselves brought the subject up with not quite an apology some 48 years later: Doctor Who: Guardian reviewer unimpressed by first episode.

Counter Measures 4 review on Kasterborous

My review of Counter Measures: Series 4 is now live on Kasterborous. I rather glossed over the ending as you will see if you read: REVIEWED: COUNTER-MEASURES SERIES 4, I may be a bit less discreet when I discuss this here. Until then, enjoy the review! -+- Message Ends -+-

Jago & Litefoot series 9 reviewed on Kasterborous

I’ve reviewed Jago & Litefoot series 9 on Kasterborous. I will follow up with a longer, more spoilery review here at some point (I have a backlog!). The review is: REVIEWED: JAGO & LITEFOOT SERIES 9. -+- Message Ends -+-

Vienna: 2.3 The Vienna Experience reviewed on Sci-Fi Bulletin

As if by magic, here’s the final story in the latest Vienna boxset reviewed on Sci-Fi Bulletin. Here’s the review of Jonathan Morris’s The Vienna Experience: review: vienna: big finish audio: 2.3: the vienna experience. (*) Message Ends (*)

Vienna: 2.2 Underworld reviewed on Sci-Fi Bulletin

Head on the heels of my boxset review, I get to sink my teeth just into the second story, Cavan Scott’s Underworld. This time it’s a review for Sci-Fi Bulletin: review: vienna: big finish audio: 2.2: underworld. As usual, comments welcome! === Message Ends ===

Dark Water – elsewhere on the web

As ever there is every opinion you might want on last week’s Steven Moffat finale part 1 Dark Water. Once more I’ve a few that, between them, encompass my own thoughts. Enjoy!

Lights Out by Holly Black reviewed on Starburst

I’ve reviewed the latest Puffin Twelfth Doctor short story Lights Out by Holly Black on Starburst. The review is here – bottom line is this is a very good story, and a must have if you enjoyed the rest. /// Message Ends \

Other notes on Mummy on the Orient Express

For your delectation and hopefully delight here are a few samples of reaction to Mummy on the Orient Express. My sense is this has been a well-received episode in the main. Of course people have found things to dislike, such is the way of the world.