Other views on series 11

Thirteenth Doctor in fez.jpgI’m conscious my thoughts on series 11 of Doctor Who have been more negative than positive, and I’m guilty of the group think behaviour of referring out to people who agree with me. In the interest of balance I introduce two other sites with more upbeat takes on Jodie Whittaker’s time so far…

Two worthy Doctor Who blogs

The first is one I’ve mentioned before, it’s The Tides of Time blog for the Oxford University Doctor Who blog (and I mention them only as I live near enough to make the odd talk, I didn’t go there!). A couple of interesting posts (not just on series 11) are:

The second site is Sci-Fi Jubilee not just Doctor Who, but plenty of it. Here’s the Arachnids in the UK review.

Are there others I should mention? Let me know in the comments!

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