Looking back at series 11

While we ponder the trailer for the New Years Day Doctor Who story Spyfall Pt 1, I thought it worth having a mull over series 11. I was generally more negative than positive (as I commented on here) so I’ve gone across to the Radio Times for their views (see here). I thought I was grim…

Series 11 according to the Radio Times

Let’s list their 5* reviews:

Arachnids in the UK.

That’s it! One episode and of them all not the strongest in my view but it had strengths. I’m probably most keen on Resolution which they gave 4* and to be honest I think I agree. They also gave Kerblam! the same score. No arguments there.

Meanwhile at the other end…

Both It Takes You Away and The Tsuranga Condundrum get 1*. I get the latter but I quite liked the former even with its flaws.

They gave 2* to Witchfinders and I can’t argue too far though I felt it more 3*. Interestingly Rosa only garnered a 3* assessment.

I know it’s only a few stories, but a baseline nonetheless. I will be comparing their series 12 scores at some stage.

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