Thoughts ahead of It Takes You Away

So, series 11 is approaching its conclusion, and this week’s episode is It Takes You Away by Ed Hime. From his CV (here on United Agents) he’s not only known for his work on Skins, but also a number of BBC radio plays and the Big Talk Productions remake of Sapphire and Steel! I’ve decided that’s all a good thing.

What else?

It Takes You Away

I wonder what the ‘It’ of the title is; I’m assuming not the TARDIS (hardly used in this series). The setting reminds me of an Eighth Doctor novel, maybe Dominion by Nick Walters. I think that’s the Scandinavian setting confusing my simple brain!

From the gallery, the focus seems to be on Graham and Ryan, so perhaps their relationship comes under the microscope in this one? Perhaps another cameo from Grace? My only other thought is could this be a dark, Scandi-noir kind of production? I suspect not as the series has been pretty child friendly. Beyond that I’m hoping it’s all about mystery and people, with no low-budget aliens on hand. We shall see!

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