Other notes on Mummy on the Orient Express

The Foretold from Mummy on the Orient ExpressFor your delectation and hopefully delight here are a few samples of reaction to Mummy on the Orient Express. My sense is this has been a well-received episode in the main. Of course people have found things to dislike, such is the way of the world.

First up the BBC has put up a fact file on which the only thing I hadn’t spotted was the image for calls from the Doctor on Clara’s phone. OK, I didn’t have all the jelly baby facts at my fingertips either.

The Metro’s opinion is clear from the headline: Doctor Who: Mummy on the Orient Express suffered because we saw the monster too muchThey liked Frank Skinner, thought the episode had its moments and don’t seem over-enamoured of the series as a whole. The complaint about over use of the mummy has merit though in budget terms it may have been essential to use it as they did. An interesting point though.

Finally to Wired Magazine with Doctor Who: ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’ reviewThey rather liked it but conversely didn’t like Frank Skinner. They make some pointed observations about the fall of Clara from Impossible Girl to time-travel junkie.

I think these cover the range – let me know if I’ve missed anything that brings something more to proceedings.


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