Thoughts ahead of Flatline

Clara in FlatlineThis week brings us Flatline another Twelfth Doctor story with Clara centre stage in the promotional material. Written by Jamie Mathieson (as was last weeks excellent Mummy on the Orient Express). Not only is Clara headlining but we also know that Missy will be making an appearance. The plot thickens!


This episode is all about dimensions. The TARDIS, being trans-dimensional, suffers greatly and this is the story with the mini-TARDIS that confused me when the shooting pictures were revealed. Oddly enough this blog post is about Miss Delphox possibly being the Meddling Monk – I now move my idea to Missy being the Meddling Monk. Given I will be wrong, this is at least eliminating an option!

Visually the trailer makes me think of lots of Banksy murals coming to life. The latest trailer where Clara puts the mini-TARDIS in her bag after the Doctor gives her a nano-device that hacks her optic nerve reminded me of a 1970s TV series (PROBE?) which featured secret agents linked back to their HQ by radio and video links.

I’ve avoided spoilers but the omens are good – roll on Saturday!

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