Maisie Who?

Maisie Williams Series 9 trailerSo, the main question we have from the series 9 teaser trailer is this one: just who is Maisie Williams? I’ve already had theories she might be Clara or even Susan, but I think the evidence now points to a different possibility…

In this article I’ll consider every possible idea I can think of; my reasons are two-fold: 1) it’s Friday, and 2) I might just get it right if I come up with enough ideas!

Who is possible?

For me, the two bits of evidence we got from the trailer were:

  1. The Doctor knew who Maisie’s character was once the mask came off
  2. Maisie’s character called him old man.

I now don’t think she is Clara as all the Clara splinters to date (even soufflé girl prior to Dalek conversion) look like Clara. I would still like her to be Susan but I can’t imagine we would get the regeneration from Carole Ann Ford off-stage. My thoughts are moving to someone else time lordy…

The Meddling Monk

Before now I’ve thought the Monk might re-appear. I now don’t think so as apart from fans, the character has no context in the modern show (nor has Susan except she is iconic enough to be more widely known amongst the audience). I don’t think this is going to happen.


Could Maisie be another Missy regeneration? Possible, and we do know who Missy is, so no explaining to the audience. Would the Doctor not recognise her? Not sure, and I can imagine Missy calling him old man to annoy him. Definitely possible.

River Song

River has no more regenerations and is dead, so she would need to be an earlier version who then hadn’t met the Doctor. I don’t think this is likely.


I just don’t go for this idea at all.


The Neil Gaiman episode Doctor’s Wife was popular, and why not have Idris have some adventures on her own? A like the idea but don’t really think it will happen.


I like the idea of a new Romana incarnation, though like the Meddling Monk she would need explaining to the new audience. I’ll put this down as a maybe.


Could she be the Doctor’s Daughter now regenerated (despite not doing so before)? OK Georgia Moffett was brilliant in the part and I’d rather she came back as Jenny, but the old man just makes me wonder.


Ace becomes a Time Lord and hey presto! regenerates (at some point) into Maisie and is also the woman in the shop! [Added July 27]

Thoughts? What do you think? Let me know!

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