Series 9 teaser trailer rocks!

Twelfth Doctor electric guitarThe first proper trailer for Doctor Who Series 9 is out: I’m the Doctor, and I save people! Plenty to watch in slow-motion, things we knew like Missy, Zygons and Maisie Williams plus a Dalek and lots of footage of some sci-fi settings (and a garden shed). I assume the Dalek / sci-fi settings are Skaro, and I have more theories on Maisie Williams (see later post). My main take away? The Twelfth Doctor with the electric guitar.This proves what I’ve long suspected; The Who may rock Glastonbury, but Doctor Who rocks the universe. Spinal Tap may turn it up to 11, but Doctor Who turns it up to 12 and beyond!

I’ll calm down after I’ve had a cup of tea! Meanwhile, [rock and] roll on September 19, 2015 for Series 9!

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