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whodarkwaterAs ever there is every opinion you might want on last week’s Steven Moffat finale part 1 Dark Water. Once more I’ve a few that, between them, encompass my own thoughts.


First up is my Starburst colleague JR Southall who gave (another) 9/10 for Dark Water in his review DOCTOR WHO Series 8, Episode 11 ‘Dark Water’. I did wonder if JR might give this 10/10; when i asked him he felt that a) he needed to see the second part, and b) it was verging on the slow in places. On reflection I agree with his second point, though might have found the need to hope for the best and scored this episode a 10 for sheer bravery (see my review).

[pullquote]the best season since the show’s return[/pullquote]

I’ve also decided to mention Paul Cornell‘s ToR Books blog and here he finds 5 Brilliant Things About Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 11: “Dark Water”. Now I’m biased as I’ve met Paul, really like his Shadow Police series and respect his well-informed views on the show. At the end of this week’s list he calls this the best season since the show’s return, even if the final episode is the worst ever. I suspect JR would agree.

In the interest of something resembling balance (though it’s my blog, so I’ll post what I want to) the BBC have had many complaints over the plotline and responded formally in this post: Doctor Who: BBC defends Dark Water death and afterlife plotlineTechnically I think there’s a spoiler in there, but what the hell!

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