Reblog: Cubicle 7 on Kasterborous

If you’re a fan of RPGs and Doctor Who you might want to read this article on Kasterborous – WHAT THE HECK IS CUBICLE 7’S DOCTOR WHO RANGE?! If not, as you were! –> Message Ends <–

I talk Asylum of the Daleks on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous a group of us pooled thoughts on our favourite episode from Series 7A. I was one of many who picked the surprise appearance of Clara in Asylum of the Daleks. Read our thoughts: NUWHO 10TH ANNIVERSARY: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SERIES 7A STORY?. === Message Ends ===

My best bits of Magician’s Apprentice on Kasterborous

My favourite part of The Magician’s Apprentice? I thought you’d never ask! Over on Kasterborous I suggest the show could almost be re-named Missy. Despite any flaws, I think few could argue with the brilliance of the performance. Full details here. -+- Message Ends -+-

I look forward to series 9 on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous, a few of us put heads together and picked the stories we were most looking forward to – I opted for the Maisie Williams stories. Read all about it here: WHAT IS YOUR MOST ANTICIPATED DOCTOR WHO SERIES 9 STORY?.. /// Message Ends \

Terror of the Sontarans reviewed on Kasterborous

I reviewed the really rather good Terror of the Sontarans over on Kasterborous: REVIEWED: TERROR OF THE SONTARANS. Well done to John Dorney and Dan Starkey for an excellent Seventh Doctor and Mel adventure! :-: Message Ends :-:

Canonisation of Bernice Summerfield

As revealed on twitter this week (thank Paul Cornell) the new Gary Russell novel, Big Bang Generation will include in its cast of characters none other than Bernice Summerfield. What’s more Lisa Bowerman will read the audiobook of the novel! This does rather weave Bernice into the new Doctor Who (slightly) and makes her slightly more canonical (if…

Coming soon – The Time Lord Letters

Over on Kasterborous, the ever vigilant Christian Cawley has spotted a new book by Justin Richards titled The Time Lord Letters. I’ll leave you to read Christian’s piece in full (COMING SOON: THE TIME LORD LETTERS!) but I will just say this is probably one to look out for, and has could make a great Christmas present for a…

The Sixth Doctor Last Adventure reviewed on Kasterborous

I reviewed the most excellent boxset The Sixth Doctor – The Last Adventure on Kasterborous. Don’t waste time reading that – go off and listen to Colin’s farewell in this brilliant set of four stories by Simon Barnard, Paul Morris, Alan Barnes, Matt Fitton and Nick Briggs. If you insist the review is: REVIEWED: THE SIXTH DOCTOR…

I chat Vampires of Venice on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous I contributed to the article: NUWHO 10TH ANNIVERSARY: WHAT IS SERIES 5’S MOST UNDERRATED STORY? Unlike the previous article in this run (Planet of the Dead on Kasterborous) we had a very diverse set of opinions. My choice was Vampires of Venice. Let me know what you think, and what your choice would be (there’s…

Mythmakers #118 Virgin Publishing reviewed on Kasterborous

I reviewed the fascinating Reeltime release #118 on Kasterborous. It’s about Virgin Publishing and has interviews with a lot of writes, recorded in 1993. Worth watching just for the site of  a very young Paul Cornell! The piece is:REVIEWED: MYTHMAKERS #118 VIRGIN PUBLISHING. /= Message Ends /=

The pick of the Titan 8th Doctor comic covers

If you are into comics, you will have almost certainly picked up on the news of a series of Eighth Doctor comics written by George Mann. Thanks to Kasterborous, I now know there are three variant covers, and I have to say I prefer the photo cover (shown) to the ubiquitous artwork cover used in most…

Counter Measures 4 review on Kasterborous

My review of Counter Measures: Series 4 is now live on Kasterborous. I rather glossed over the ending as you will see if you read: REVIEWED: COUNTER-MEASURES SERIES 4, I may be a bit less discreet when I discuss this here. Until then, enjoy the review! -+- Message Ends -+-