Classic Doctors, New Monsters – first thoughts

classic_doctors_new_monsters_slipcase_cover_largeLots announced today (June 27, 2015) as Big Finish extends its scope into new-Who (or nu-Who or…), yet of the three specials sop far announced, the one I am most attracted to (so far) is Classic Doctors, New Monsters.

Yes everything else looks fascinating, and I will post about them all, but for now I’ll draw your attention to the real mash-up boxset…

The concept

This is elegant in its simplicity:

  • The Fifth Doctor takes on the Weeping Angels
  • The Sixth Doctor faces the Judoon
  • The Seventh Doctor encounters the Sycorax
  • The Eight Doctor stands his ground against a legion of Sontarans, a legion ready for the TIME WAR.

There you have it — Big Finish is starting to tell us [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]the story of the Time War[/inlinetweet]. The only other things we know are the set is directed by Barnaby Edwards, no writers or cast (expect Dan Starkey). Released sometime in 2016, more details as and when.

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