Big Finish 12 Days of Christmas 2012 Sale! (Now 13)

So the details of the 12 Days of Christmas Sale are being revealed on the forum. The general approach is (from what we can see) that every day a new offer will be available. This is a download only option at £2.99 each and I will track the offers here (as long as I am around the internet over Christmas!). We also know (since the 23rd) that there will be 16 titles in all offered over the 12 days. On the 20th it was explained that each title will be available for 48 hours and that most titles have not been in previous sales.
Also wait for Day 13!

This table is updated each day…

Christmas Day The Eighth Doctor Adventures – Lucie Miller and To The Death. Both very good, do they work without the rest of the Fourth Series? Not sure
Boxing Day Iris Wildthyme and the Claws of Santa
December 27th More Eighth Doctor in the excellent Relative Dimensions
December 28th Still on Eight with the pivotal Christmas tale Death in Blackpool
December 29th Now the Fourth Doctor appears with Destination Nerva
December 30th Three Stargate episodes
New Year’s Eve Short Trips Volume 1
New Year’s Day Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles
January 2nd Now the Fifth Doctor in The Judgement of Isskar from the Key2Time trilogy
January 3rd And again the Fifth Doctor in Cobwebs a good jumping in point for the current crew
January 4th As we near the end we find ourselves offered a Dark Shadows Tale – The Night Whipsers 
January 5th And now the Companion Chronicles Find and Replace and The Rocket Men

And just in case we now have the January 6th all 16 titles back for one last chance in case you missed one or changed your mind too late!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Aidan Brack says:

    Aha! The first details emerge. Like you, I can’t imagine anyone needing those two stories in particular but maybe it’s to tie in to Dark Eyes?

    Consider this page bookmarked!


    1. Tony says:

      I assume that is the reason. I myself am hoping for some more Companion Chronicles having really got into those this year. I hope to keep the page up to date – I do have some other things to do over the holiday!


  2. HelmStone says:

    And with the tease of Death in Blackpool for tomorrow that will be half the fourth series of Eighth Doctor Adventures


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