Big Finish Xmas Offer 2013

Santa Big Finish styleAs hoped (following the events of 2012) Big Finish is running a series of sales over the twelve days of Christmas. This year the items are each available for download only but can be bought over a 48-hour window.

As to day 13 we now know (end of December) that there will be a thirteenth something but not a chance to get all the offers in one last swoop. If you see something you like you’d better grab it!

The sale items

Updating as they reveal:

  1.  Dark Shadows: A Collinwood Christmas
  2. The Butcher of Brisbane a very good Fifth Doctor story I reviewed as part of Tigers, Comets and Zygma Energy
  3. The John Nathan-Turner Memoirs, Volumes 1 and 2
  4. Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Perfidious Mariner (widely regarded as a classic)
  5. Blake’s 7: Warship which is a fantastic Peter Anghelides story plugging a gap between two series of the show
  6. Fourth Doctor adventure The Renaissance Man
  7. Sixth Doctor Lost Story The First Sontarans by Andrew Smith – much recommended on the forums and I have snatched a copy
  8. Seventh Doctor story Angel of Scutari which is pivotal for any number of arcs that lead up to events of the recent Afterlife
  9. The Nicholas Courtney Memoirs – A Soldier in Time
  10. A First Doctor Companion Chronicle – The Anachronauts. I have yet to hear this from the Adventure in Space and Time sale. It’s a double disc January release with both Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom. What’s not to like!
  11. Short Trips Volume 2 which is a collection of short stories read by various people including William Russell, Katy Manning and Louise Jameson
  12. An Eighth Doctor title with Army of Death which is the final outing (so far?) for Mary Shelley (I reviewed it as part of a trilogy – see Turks, Witches and the Dead)

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