Celestial Toyroom 501 and The Happiness Patrol

The DWAS members’ magazine The Celestial Toyroom Issue 510 should be arriving around now. It’s all things John Nathan Turner and includes a piece I wrote on The Happiness Patrol. I’m on pages 37-38 after many worthwhile articles. <<= Message Ends =>>

Attack of the Cybermen reviewed

To call Attack of the Cybermen a confused collage of tropes and ideas might be easy and justified but misses the point. In many ways less than the sum of its parts, it is not without some merits, even if it needed trimming back and reshaping. Whence does this confusion arise? Well the clue may be in…

Mythmakers #117 Dominic Glynn reviewed on Kasterborous

Over on Kasterborous I have reviewed the recent Mythmakers release#117  from Reeltime Pictures. This is a conversation between Nick Briggs and composer Dominic Glynn, taking in his time on Doctor Who and relationship with John Nathan-Turner.

Big Finish Xmas Offer 2013

As hoped (following the events of 2012) Big Finish is running a series of sales over the twelve days of Christmas. This year the items are each available for download only but can be bought over a 48-hour window. As to day 13 we now know (end of December) that there will be a thirteenth…

Doctor Who on Newsnight 29 May 2013

Just spotted that on BBC2 today Newsnight will include a short piece on ‘Was Doctor Who rubbish in the 1980s?’ There is a piece here on the BBC website which gives the flavour of the piece for those unable to catch it (it will be on iPlayer afterwards). The write-up suggests it will focus on…