Big Finish has started teasing us on twitter and the forum with the hashtag  #TheLightattheEnd. We expect a reveal soon but that doesn’t stop me from speculating…

Let’s first start with what we know is coming, what is probably coming and what might be coming.

What do we know?

My list is as follows:

  • There is a big sale at the end of January
  • There is a long sale coming from February – presumably as part of the 50th celebrations
  • Big Finish and AudioGo have teamed up on the Destiny of the Doctor
  • New Dark Eyes coming from the end of the year
  • The Charlie spin-off may happen this year though Nick has no time to write it.

What do we suspect?

My list is:

  • We could get another boxset in the UNIT: Dominion series
  • We could get the launch of the Big Finish 50th project

So what do I think?

I suspect this is the Big Finish multi-Doctor/ Companion / Monster mega-story for the anniversary. I can’t believe they can squeeze much more into people’s budgets for 2013.

What do you think?

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