Why not write a Doctor Who story for the Doctor Who Project?

The Doctor Who Project is allowing submissions for short stories (5,000 words) featuring classic Doctors. Details on their submissions page: BRIEF ENCOUNTERS SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.

Brief Encounters

Here’s the information from their site (check the link above for current details):

Brief Encounters is on-going series of original short stories featuring television Doctors 1-7, and their associated companions.

If you like to write short fiction about past Doctor’s, we’re always on the lookout for new stories to publish under the BE banner.

Story Requirements:

  1. Stories must be original whilst also fitting within established continuity set in the 1963-89 TV series
  2. The stories will be up to and around 5000 words in length.

Submissions should contain the following information:

  1. The Doctor and the companion featured in the story
  2. Details of key characters/monsters/villains
  3. A brief synopsis of the story plot.

Story proposals only need to be 4-6 paragraphs detailing the story plot, characters, setting and any other information you feel would go toward enabling the editorial board making an ideal assessment of your story for publication.

Interested In Contributing?

  • If you’re interested in contributing to Brief Encounters, please send us an email outlining your story idea
  • First time contributors to The Doctor Who Project should also include a sample of their writing style in a Word document.

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