Big Finish makes the long list for 2015 BBC Audio Drama Awards

After the success of Dark Eyes in 2014, Big Finish has several pieces of work nominated for the long list in the BBC Audio 2015 awards. The short list will be revealed Tuesday January 6th, 2015 with the ceremony itself scheduled for Sunday February 1st 2015.

BF 15 – 2013

So, it’s the fifteenth and final day of the Big Finish 15 year celebration of the main range and it’s not like much happened in 2013, is it?! So, there’s an offer on Light at the End, a surprise addition of the Charlotte Pollard  boxset plus the extremely recommended New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield. I recommend all of them.

The Light at the End Starburst Review

If you pop across to Starburst you can find my review of The Light at the End which I rather enjoyed. Do read it and feel free to leave feedback. -+- Message Ends -+-

The Light at the End review

One month early Big Finish released The Light at the End, Nick Briggs’s multi-Doctor 50th anniversary story. Unlike Zagreus,  which was a multi-character surreal extravaganza, this is a far more orthodox 2xCD story available in three different versions. With five Doctors, five companions, the Master and many others how well does this story work? Is this a…

DWM #465 Cover for Light at the End

DWM #465 has a cover entirely dedicated to the Big Finish anniversary story The Light at the End. Available from Thursday September 19th  this promises to be a fascinating insight into the creation of what is shaping up to be an essential release for any fan. -!- Message Ends -!-

Limited Edition vinyl release for Light at the End

If vinyl is your thing you might want to consider getting one of the newly announced 4-disc vinyl editions of Light at the End which as we all know is the Big Finish 50th anniversary special release. Coming in at a mere £99.99 this comes in deluxe premium packaging and are numbered. There are only 500…

Interview with John Dorney

John Dorney was kind enough to answer a few questions on a range of topics including the Fourth Doctor Adventures, Jago & Litefoot, steampunk, Counter: Measures, Companion Chronicles and The Avengers. The interview is here on the Starburst website. Update 16th August 2013 – the interview is also printed in Starburst Magazine #392 if you’re interested! He had plenty…

Big Finish announces The Light at the End

Following the few days excitement and the revelation in DWM #456, Big Finish has posted the details of their 50th anniversary special release, written by Nick Briggs, The Light at the End. This post summarises the announcement and will no doubt be the start of some speculation and further announcements will follow.

“The Light at the End”

Breaking news from the latest Doctor Who Magazine (#456), which I have yet to get a copy of. So far all I know is that it will be a multi-Doctor story featuring all five remaining Doctors and written by Nick Briggs! It will be a single two hour release presumably out in November. There is…


Big Finish has started teasing us on twitter and the forum with the hashtag  #TheLightattheEnd. We expect a reveal soon but that doesn’t stop me from speculating… Let’s first start with what we know is coming, what is probably coming and what might be coming.