Spoilers and speculation for The Snowmen

As we approach 5.15 on Christmas Day the spoilers and speculation for The Snowmen gather.

So as not to be left out I have decided to collect any such gossip as I encounter it, all of which is available to anybody who clicks to read the rest of this post. Be warned, ‘Spoilers!’

  • The Snowmen will be voiced by Sir Ian McKellen. This has been confirmed by the Radio Times so 100% likely
  • There will be a new TARDIS interior. This can be seen by clicking here. This is also in the Christmas Special Radio Times so good news for those that would like something more sci-fi and less junk-yard (update 11 December 2012)
  • The Snowmen are controlled by the Great Intelligence. This is really clever if true; don’t forget the Yeti are the Abominable Snowmen so this is far from nonsense. If you want more on this check out Geek Native. I really want this to be true; for me this is a defining foe for the Second Doctor (my favourite) and along with the Ice Warriors yet to return. Update 11th December 2012 – it’s definite!
  • New theme tune and credit sequence in line with the anniversary (confirmed December 18th)
  • Clara gets infused with Oswin’s personality (she stored it in the TARDIS) hence the same actress. I just made this up so let’s go with 1% likely!

Madame Vastra!

Look closely at the BBC picture released to show the Doctor’s Victorian lair. Look closely at Madame Vastra’s hands – they’re human! This could be a blooper or it might be that she is only part Silurian! She was last seen wearing gloves so this could be something new. Maybe lots more back story to learn!

Now look at the Doctor’s feet; what are they resting on? Yes it’s a London Underground box – a clue to the Great Intelligence?! Yes we are back in Web of Fear territory!

Any more rumours out there? Let me know!

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