Here come the Snowmen!

The BBC have started the trickle of information about the Christmas Special for 2012 to be called The Snowmen. Some details were revealed on Children in Need including a special prequel featuring also Strax, Vestra and Jenny all last seen helping rescue Amy on Demons Run.

The prequel sets the scene of Victorian London (no surprises there!) and a Doctor who has become a Dickensian caricature of himself. We also may glean some insight into the delights in store.

We know that there will be evil Snowmen which may upset younger viewers who prefer their snowmen to be ‘Walking in the Air’ rather than bearing down on them with fierce looking teeth. There is a mysterious Doctor Simeon the villain of the piece played by Richard E Grant. We also have the introduction (Asylum of the Daleks aside) of Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara the unorthodox, young governess.

At last we have a companion who isn’t a re-tread of the ‘girl from the present joins a mysterious traveller’. Finally we are allowed to have a character that isn’t a proxy for the viewer. No doubt Clara will quickly have stories in 2012 in which she decries our world and why not? That is something the show is well placed to do.

All I can say is roll on Christmas Day!

Update (17th December) Check out my spoilers and also today the BBC has revealed new credits and music!

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