The Ghost Monument review

So, series 11 is well under way now, and with the finding of the TARDIS, it’s all go for another set of adventures in space and time. There’s plenty to talk about and overall I didn’t like The Ghost Monument as much as the The Woman Who Fell to Earth, but still plenty to enjoy and talk about…

The Thirteenth Doctor’s TARDIS

Following The Ghost Monument, the Thirteenth Doctor and her new friends are in the TARDIS. It’s a new look and if you want another chance to examine it and learn how it was created, here’s a chance: Everything You Need To Know: TARDIS. May include custard creams! +++ Message Ends +++

Thoughts ahead of The Ghost Monument

Just over two days until The Ghost Monument and I’m looking forward to it immensely. The general positive vibe for The Woman Who Fell to Earth continues, though maybe I hand around the nicer parts of the web! Viewing figures look good, though no AI ratings afaik (a bit late?) So, what am I looking forward to?