New Logo – what else might we get for series 11?

So, the BBC has unveiled some new look and feel for the first series of the Chibnall era (Jodie Whittaker Unveils Brand New Doctor Who Logo). I like the moody look of the picture (left) more than the little sequence on the news item, it did make me wonder what else might change. I was going to save some ideas for an April Fool, but I’ve too many ideas this year…

Changes for series 11?

So, let’s look at some iconic elements of the show…


Could the TARDIS change from a blue box? Now, before everyone points out they’ve used it for shooting, remember JNT did play with the TARDIS chameleon circuit in the Sixth Doctor and Peri story Attack of the Cybermen.
My thought is:

  • The TARDIS is exploding as the Doctor falls out (as seen already)
  • The Doctor needs to find the TARDIS but where is it? The chameleon circuit has tripped and now she also needs to recognise it as well as finish repairing
  • It could also be splintered in time, one piece with each new companion.


Now, we all know the Doctor drinks tea, and how often it features. What if the Thirteenth Doctor prefers coffee? Imagine the fan meltdown! (I exaggerate).

The Theme Tune

We know Murray Gold is gone and there’s bound to be a new theme. What if included a vocal? Ridiculous you might think, but Star Trek Enterprise did it. And how can forget Doctorin’ the TARDIS?

Over to you

These may be rather fanciful (and wait for my April Fool’s idea!), but there will be some new angles no doubt. What are you expecting? Let me know in the comments!

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