UNIT theme tune trivia

Apologies if this is the most trivial post you ever read (and I ever make) but I’ve spotted something a bit geeky about the Big Finish theme tune for the new series UNIT stories. It came about while listening to UNIT: Incursions (review coming) and thinking about just how to write a theme tune…

Delia Derbyshire: Trailblazer

The BBC has identified Delia Derbyshire’s Doctor Who theme as one of ten pieces to be studied as part of a project to introduce children to classical music. This puts her on a level with Gershwin, Vivaldi and Brahms! Details: Children to study Doctor Who theme tune in BBC Ten Pieces. +++ Message Ends +++

The Musical side of Doctor Who

If you’re interested in the impact of Doctor Who on popular culture or at least the theme tune on popular music, you might want to have a look at this piece by James Baldock on the DWC site: DOC OF THE POPS: THE TYPE 40 AND THE TOP 40. Although it covers familiar ground, I learned…

Hymns for Robots

If you’re near Swindon either today (9 Nov 2018) or tomorrow, you might want to visit the Noctium Theatre for a production concerning the musical life of Delia Derbyshire. Titled Hymns for Robots, more details in the Swindon Advertiser: Noctium Theatre lands TARDIS for Delia Derbyshire drama. <<< Message Ends >>>

Robots perform the Doctor Who theme

As part of this years Royal Institute Christmas Lectures… This may not be the most surreal experience you will have this holiday but I expect it will be up there near the top! I thought the main robot was using a theremin, but I didn’t hear it – any input appreciated! The youtube link is taken…