When will the Thirteenth Doctor find the TARDIS?

So, the Thirteenth Doctor has her sonic screwdriver, and has embarked on a quest for the TARDIS. Is it going to happen in episode two, The Ghost Monument, or could the series be one long quest for the errant ship? Is that the secret message behind the reveal for Jodie Whittaker back last summer?

Let’s have a think…

Just where is the TARDIS?

In my review of The Woman Who Fell to EarthI felt the TARDIS should be found as soon as possible. I didn’t want a long TARDIS-free quest, but now I’ve seen the trailer for next week’s episode, I can imagine it ending with them borrowing a conventional spaceship (like the one pictured) and a long debate about why it isn’t good enough. I also wonder if the whole time travel aspect is going to be held back, and if Graham will think it one stop too far. Just wait until he sees a police box! We know the TARDIS will be found from photographs taken during filming on Jodie’s Twitter feed (and a return to Sheffield as well). Is it going to be found this Sunday, or will the trail take them to the last planet it landed on before somebody spirited it away? What if the Doctor wants to continue the chase and the others (or some of them) just want to go back to Earth?

There’s lots of possibilities, and that’s a good place to be;-)

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