But Not Quite?

First Thoughts

A few days to go and time for my initial thoughts on this week’s up and coming episode of Dr Who with Matt Smith. Last week’s Rebel Flesh was discussed in my post Rebel Yell, and this week we are promised (according to the BBC):

Prepare for a big shock when you watch The Almost People on BBC ONE on Saturday at 6.45pm. The episode sees the tension and terror continue as the Gangers move to take revenge on the humans. And aside from preventing an all out war between two species, the Doctor must confront another terrifying crisis as events hurtle towards the finale!

My assumption is that this means resolution of this story plus some blending in of the main story arc. After this of course only one more cliff hanger episode then the break for the summer!

Update 26 May – we are now being told:

The mid-series finale begins in The Almost People on Saturday at 6.45pm. The episode contains of those seismic scenes… a moment of Doctor Who history that changes everything for the Doctor. The following week’s adventure is an incredible epic called A Good Man Goes to War.  [cut]

Right now we can confirm episode 7 will feature Cybermen and the return of the Silurians!

I think we the viewers may determine whether or not it is a moment of Doctor Who history, but fair play to the Beeb for bigging it up!

So how was it

Well for me they really milked the duplicates concept, spent a lot of time running from a-b then becoming friends and over indulged in some CGI. It was easy to get confused as to who was whom, and the Doctor copy trick now needs me to re-watch the whole show to work out if Amy did tell him he died or not.

At least Rory didn’t die though Amy ‘did’. I thought that whilst very visual the destruction of flesh-Amy was massively out of step with the character of the Doctor, after all he spent the whole episode defending the rights of flesh people and allowing anther ganger copy to take over the role of a human who had died.

We also never understood the acid, it still seems to be a device to generate special effects and not remotely plausible otherwise. Apart from the way this was grafted into the overall story arc I didn’t get a lot of satisfaction from this double header.

How’s the Story Arc?

So, we know now:

  • Who eye-patch is (well sort of), Amy is pregnant and about to deliver
  • Amy was replaced a while ago, I expect during the Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon time-frame so presumably by the Silence?
  • The onlyintimate relationship we know definitively about for the Doctor is with River so the only timelord child is theirs IMHO. River gives Amy the child to put in the home for some reason connected to who River is. Amy may be a carrier mother for River’s child but I don’t think that she would betray Rory nor that she would stay on the TARDIS with a baby of her own.
  • We still might have a ganger dies for the Doctor ending to look forward to
  • We don’t know why the Silurians / Cybermen and now we hear Sontarans are involved next week. My guess is that at least one set of these are on the side of Rory as he fights to rescue Amy (we’ve seen the clip of Roman Rory addressing cybermen) though who knows
  • I also wonder if this will link back to the Pandorica in that these foes were all in the mix last series
  • Overall confused – lots of balls in the air, they’ll fall to earth (or somewhere in the ice desert of Pogran beta IV) I know not where!

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