The Eagle Will Land?

The Story So Far

Well, here we are at the beginning of the latest Dr Who TV Series – was it good for you? I have to say a quite liked it and lots of questions were raised. As I blogged in advance here we saw the series begin with the death of the Doctor and our chums left to deal with all that implied. Note – after writing this I watched Confidential and re-watched Impossible Astronaut. Some updates in italic purple.

So, ahead of this week’s Day of the Moon here are my thoughts…

Space 1969

We have a lot of mysteries on the go:

  • Who killed the Doctor
  • Who is the child
  • What is the control room from The Lodger doing underground
  • Who are these scary aliens, and why do they keep chatting to Amy?

We also had some fun dialogue (mostly other characters with River), an FBI maverick, a pregnant Amy, great Utah scenery and President Nixon. Matt Smith also puts in a very good performance as the Doctor between being silly, flirting outrageously with River and then projecting great age at certain times.

My thoughts

On the assumption that the scope is now bounded (no new characters), my suggestions are:

  • Amy kills the Doctor in the future. River can’t as this isn’t the big reveal for her character; Rory isn’t a candidate, Nixon would be a good twist and the Doctor killing himself is a no-no I think (too trite)
  • The child bothers me, we see Amy shoot the astronaut just after announcing her pregnancy and before we see a child in the suit. The only other child we have had was young Amy. I won’t go for it being Amy’s child which means I have no good theory beyond it being a child that is immune to the alien’s memory loss effect. I also note that there was a child in The Library and also the Empty Child. Recurring theme?
  • The re-appearance of the control room links this to the aliens (and we know there is a follow up to The Lodger coming). I suggest that this will be the link to the Apollo landings and Nixon will do something both good and bad with respect to this
  • The link between Amy and the aliens? I suspect that won’t get revealed!
It also seems to me that as one of the aliens was in 2011 Utah we can deduce that 1969 may be a skirmish but not the whole battle. 
Anyway, so far not bad, blog you all again next week!

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