Bigger, Darker, Louder…

My running blog for Dr Who Series 6

I thought I would track the new series of Dr Who as it happens rather than a retro end of run review (as per this entry). I’ve also adopted the Series 6 name rather than the more logical (to me) 11th Doctor Series 2.

Pre-Series Hype

Well we already know this series ‘will be darker’ and there will be ‘secrets’. More interestingly we are told that one of the four main characters will die in the first episode. Let’s have a think:

  • River Song – well she dies with the tenth Doctor so how can it be her?
  • Amy Pond – she died in the last series until the Pandorica revived her, so would she die again?
  • Rory Williams – technically he is still dead (or erased from history) until brought back in with no real explanation
  • The Doctor – well, he is the main character, and least likely to ‘die’ due to his regenerative abilities. Or is he?

We also note that all the characters are leaked as being in later episodes, so where does this leave us? Well my guess is the Doctor dies in a timey wimey way and this is the big secret Amy keeps from him, i.e. a future version gets killed and Amy knows this is coming. Only a guess mind you!

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