Silent no more? I think not…


Here we are again

So, we’ve now had two episodes of the new series of Doctor Who, and as I said here I am keeping a sort of rolling blog giving my emerging views and predictions. I talked briefly about Impossible Astronaut here and now give my response to Day of the Moon.

Before the inevitable nit-picking and criticism let me just say that visually this was a treat with many great moments and as a pure play piece of TV I have few problems with it (though don’t mind the trick of the ‘hidden’ message in the moon landing). But…

What didn’t I like?

Overcrowding: a general problem I have with the who-niverse is too many things happening at the same time. I sometimes think the aliens sit in an Argos reception, draw tickets and wait for their turn to destroy the Earth, kill humanity or destroy history. They must be tripping over their own feet. If the Silence have been here all the time, how have they not been involved before in defending the Earth? Maybe they have and they don’t remember

Guns: For a non-weapon user the amount of shooting from River and the overall kill the Silence solution seems somewhat unlike the normal Dr

What was the threat?: Apart from being parasites (who dress like the Blues Brothers and live in very easy to discover tunnels) what was the problem? They only killed one person that I can count. How does this equate to the same Silence in the Vampires of Venice that destroy worlds? They seem to work very slowly!

How did it start? Even the Dr was affected by the memory loss. How did this story start? Why had no-one else every devised a simpler way of remembering dangerous aliens with the use of tape or film? Or even paper – while I liked the scary body marking with five-bar gates, if the Silence allow that then they would allow a lot more – shorthand for example

Mysterious black cubes: not very well explained as to how they got them, how the moved them around and how they worked overall. Nice visual but poor in terms of story integrity

Where are we with the overall story arc?

Who killed the Dr?: We are no further along, so for previously stated non-reasons I still think it will be Amy

Who is the girl?: We know she is at least part time-lord. Unless she be the Doctor’s Daughter (who was never a child to our knowledge) then I moot that she will be the daughter of the Dr and River Song. We know they get very intimate and they kept River out of the room of pictures (I think). Amy could have been photographed holding the baby as River went back to prison

Who is River Song?: We know she will get intimate with the Doctor. We now are told time lines are not mutually random but are in pure reverse order. If she is Time Lord then she has used her arc and lost the magic watch (and I don’t think this will be the case) so she isn’t. We know she falls for the Doctor when younger – maybe she is part Time Lord? The Master’s Daughter? A Kaled?

Who was the eye patch wearer?: All we know is this week there be pirates. Stay tuned is my advice!

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