Totter’s Lane 2013?

So it’s Friday again and in the style of this post here I think I would engage in some idle speculation. This time my topic is the 50th Anniversary (due November 23rd 2013 of course) about which we believe we will still have the eleventh Doctor, Mr Moffat in charge and a new companion (as announced here).

What now follows is my completely un-sourced speculation and wishlist as to what we will see…

The best bets

Totter’s Lane: they returned to the show’s roots and the very first episode in Remembrance of the Daleks (see here) so surely this must be featured somehow, though it might mean manoeuvring past all the other Doctors and foes camped out in that spot (novels included).

Previous Doctor: I would imaging David Tennant is likely, maybe Christopher Eccleston. What I really would like is a return for Paul McGgann; of all the surviving classic Doctors, his is the one that both needs TV and also we never saw an ending so he could easily fit in

Daleks: surely they will return?

Other Foes:  what odds of the Master, Cybermen, goodness knows what (Davros for one!)

Family / parental bonds: as Moffat is in charge this is presumably a must

Back story: we know we get the answer to ‘Doctor Who?’ Deep fan knowledge says what about Lungbarrow, Susan, the Cartmel masterplan; my money says expect  a new mythos (connected to the movie that nobody has mentioned recently).

The other bet

A past companion (or three): as we learned in the SJA story Jo Grant is around as is Liz Shaw and many others. Clearly we all would have loved the Brig and Sarah-Jane herself but it is not to be. There could be a chance of some old-friends showing up. On the downside only long-term fans will care and too much of this might alienate the modern audience. Rose, Martha and Donna anybody?

If only

I would like something really creative and delving into the past. For example:

  • What happened to Susan
  • Who were Susan’s parents and presumably therefore the Doctor’s child(ren)
  • Who was Susan’s grandmother?
  • What about ‘The Other’ (see Cartmel Masterplan)
  • A story on Skaro before the war with the Thals.

Anyway, enough of my nonsense, let’s get back to work!

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