Rebel Yell – Rebel Flesh thoughts

In the Flesh?

So my continuing blog for the latest Matt Smith Dr Who series continues. Tomorrow we look forward to part 1 of 2 of the Rebel Flesh story. It looks like an anti-slavery / exploitation episode to me, with these gangers replacing robots as the twenty-first century’s techno-created underclass. What do I know though?

So how was it for me?

Well, given that the author has their name against Fear Her which in my view is diabolical this was at least a step up. (The author, Matthew Graham is forgiven for his wonderful work on Life on Mars). That all said it was in my humble opinion formulaic almost Dr Who painting by numbers: mystery threat, small isolated group, TARDIS placed out of reach and so forth.

On the plus side (apart from the usual wonderful casting, production, shooting and everything else) Rory again has a semblance of a role plus gets to turn part of the TARDIS into a pub (Amy fast becoming a spare part) and the story did fly by. I hope it warms up next week though else it will be a case of ‘was that it’. BTW – the warm up is a reference in part to Confidential!

How’s the series arc doing now?


  • Eye patch lady trailered for next week
  • Still pregnant / not-pregnant for Amy
  • With the advent of gangers (as opposed to Dopples – I like that) we have a chance that it is the Doctor’s ganger who is kill in the Impossible Astronaut.

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