For Better, for Worse – the Doctor’s Wife reviewed

Another week another episode

So as the second series of the Eleventh Doctor continues with Neil Gaiman’s The Doctor’s Wife. The overview of all this is here, look around to find other episode reviews. I am actually writing the first part of this before the episode airs; in today’s Times they suggest that Idris (to be played by Suranne Jones) will end up being the TARDIS – an idea first thought by fans when Kylie Minogue played Astrid which is an exact anagram of TARDIS. This may well be true, and the story will apparently give an insight into how much stuff is actually stashed away in the depths of the time and space machine…

What was it like?

During the day Steven Moffat tweeted that The Times should be avoided (what other paper would a Time Lord read?!) as it had spoliered (dodgy verbism) the episode; it seemed to me that it was fairly obvious that Idris has absorbed the TARDIS right from the beginning so no real harm done IMHO.

The fan community, ex Doctors (e.g. @SawbonesHex) and companions (e.g. @thenicolabryant) all loved it as did many reviewers in the media; it would be churlish then to give it too hard a time…

The Good Bits

Suranne Jones was tremendous as Idris and worked well with Matt Smith; we got some snippets of back story but not over much (the Dr Who Confidential was also excellent in given Neil Gaiman’s slice on the tale and let’s face it he wrote it).

We saw some more TARDIS interior (though not many rooms) and Rory had slightly more to do than moon over Amy. He also ‘died’ again prompting some fandom South Park-esque ‘Oh my god, they killed Rory!’ on forums.

We also enjoyed the visuals, the resolution and the ‘Fear me, I killed all of them’ line.

The Quibbles

  • TARDIS interior was all corridor, no rooms
  • Why an Ood? Was it necessary for the mind games in the chase scenes?
  • Secondary characters served their purpose then died. A bit brutal
  • Amy is not good in this episode, she mainly existed to run in a Scooby Do style down the corridors and watch Rory die (hating her before he does)
  • Being picky the TARDIS has been in bodies before – e.g. Rose in Parting of the Ways.

How’s the story arc?

Nothing here for the arc really, a teaser of Eye-patch Woman for next week, a mysterious ‘the river is the only water in the forest’ that we assume for now is River Song and maybe the Library (does he go and visit her in her virtual afterlife?). I still wonder if we have closed off the loose ends properly from the last series particularly Amy not remembering the Daleks.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bruvva says:

    Nice commentary – these days I let DW wash over me without expecting too much structural resilience, and I enjoyed this episode quite a lot. It seems that a lot of good ideas in the recent seasons have been half baked or abandoned. It did surprise me how mundane the interior of the Tardis was made to seem – I recall in the 70s it was much more interesting.


  2. HelmStone says:

    Did you watch Confidential which showed a huge inside for the Tom Baker TARDIS suspiciously similar to the inside of a Victorian hospital?

    I for one liked the idea of the cloisters (and bell) and the Zero room as well. We did more in the Eighth Doctor’s solo screen outing.

    I thought the corridors looked stylish though somewhat more utilitarian than the divisive console room but needed more rooms!


  3. Neil says:

    We also enjoyed ….. the ‘Fear me, I killed all of them’ line.

    Personally I thought the delivery of this line was very weak.
    It stood out when I first saw it in the trailer and didn’t improve.
    Did’t like the “yo ho ho — doesn’t anybody actually say that” stuff from the week before either.


    1. HelmStone says:

      Neil – you make some interesting points


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