The 0th Doctor

victorian whoIt’s been a while since I wondered by BBC America website but here is another example of some of their great content: ‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Doctor When? Written by Fraser McAlpine it’s a round-up of some fascinating items, including two highly recommend fan title sequences produced by Nereusmedia on Vimeo.

The core idea is this: What would the credits be like for Doctor Who 1936-57, and 1899.

This all made me think about who would the Doctor be? You might argue Hartnell could have played some of the 1936 – 57 Doctor (his career started in the 1920 with Shakespeare plays and he was in his first film in 1931 (Say it with Music).

Maurice BarrymoreWho could have played the Doctor in 1899 (the year Hitchcock was born)? Who might have been the zeroth Doctor? My suggestion is Maurice Barrymore (see wiki) stage actor who would have been 50 years old in 1899. He is also the great-grandfather of Drew Barrymore. The only drawback is he was living in the US at the time.

What do you think? Who else could have played earlier incarnations? Let me know!

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