The Coming of the Pting in The Tsuranga Conundrum

Well done to CultBox writer Andrea Laford for pulling together two connected pieces previewing The Tsuranga Conundrum with some pictures from BBC America, bits of plot and the name of the alien – the Pting! Have a read of Doctor Who, The Tsuranga Conundrum: monster named, new photos and follow the link through to the other. :::…

A timey-wimey poster from BBC America

Over on BBC America they have a range of posters you might like (see the timey-wimey example to the left). Free to download and use they cover a good range of subjects. They may not match the Stuart Manning artwork, but aren’t too bad. Have a look: Doctor Who Glossary Posters. {+- Message Ends -+}

The 0th Doctor

It’s been a while since I wondered by BBC America website but here is another example of some of their great content: ‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Doctor When? Written by Fraser McAlpine it’s a round-up of some fascinating items, including two highly recommend fan title sequences produced by Nereusmedia on Vimeo.