The Name of the Doctor – speculation not spoliers

The Clara PuzzleI wasn’t going to write about this Saturday’s finale The Name of the Doctor as I was avoiding the maelström of postings triggered by the accidental leak of the episode in the US. I changed my mind when I saw this great picture.

To make it clear I haven’t downloaded or seen the episode in question though I have seen some spoilers elsewhere which I won’t repeat; if you care go find your own or (more likely) it will now be post-transmission so it won’t matter. What I will do is summarise what seems to be happening (which will be very slightly spoiler-y) and make some comments. Feel free to go somewhere else for spoiler…

The broad sweep

It may be called The Name of the Doctor but Steven Moffat is probably using that as a device rather than a reveal – River knows the secret and Clara read it in a book in Journey to the Centre of the TARDISReally I suspect this episode should be called Who is Clara? as this seems to be the topic that gets explored along with (possibly) the last episode to feature River Song, though as she is a time traveller that is a bit meaningless (or is it).

Even on the little I have read this looks like the beginning of the anniversary to me and I think we may end up enjoying this one despite a lot of mixed opinions for almost every episode of this little run.

I also leave you with this picture of Gallifrey released by the BBC!


10 thoughts on “The Name of the Doctor – speculation not spoliers

  1. I take it you have seen the picture of Clara with a familiar figure in the background, and a familiar vehicular friend – seems like we’ll be getting more classic who references in this finale than the 50th!


    • Luke – yes I was and am amused by the speculation of where it fits in given the colour of the tie! This and B*ss** is what I was obscurely referring to as the beginning of the anniversary!


      • I do think we are in for a real treat. At the Baftas Moffat was quizzed something like ‘do you think it’s enough having only David and Billie back?’ and he replied along the liens of ‘we only announced them because they were shooting outside’. I think there’s plenty to come!


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