Series 11 – rumours of change

jodie-whittaker-tardisThere’s been a round of rumours (summarised neatly by DoctorWhoTV: RUMOUR: SERIES 11 TO HAVE FEWER BUT LONGER EPS, NEW TARDIS & SONIC, and the title rather gives it away. Now, to a large extent this is pure clickbait, but not quite, and not as much as the tedious horde of what do we know about the thirteenth Doctor? posts clogging up search engines. It’s certainly worth some consideration…

Doctor Who Series 11 changes

Most of this is of the new show-runner => tweaks to look and feel. Coupled with the new Doctor, I’d have been surprised not to see the sonic be updated, nor the TARDIS be restyled. Do I have a view on these? Probably. Give me something more understated, but bear in mind the production team like the big space to allow for lots of great interior shots.

It’s worth considering the change of length of episodes. Over on ITV, Chris Chibnall’s Broadchurch took an hour slot, but there were advert breaks. The average episode ran for 48 minutes (see the [and I’m not making this up] nice As the average Doctor Who runs for 45 minutes (same source), this move to an hour is substantial and is akin to the change Game of Thrones has made (Game of Thrones Season 7 Is Going to Be Much, Much Longer Than We Thought – Vanity Fair).

I suspect this means a change of pace, and maybe even more room for character in the stories. It may also mean fewer two-part episodes. In terms of sheer running time, 10 x 1 hour is ten hours, whereas 12 * 0.75 is nine, so we are better off. I suspect fans will be unhappy though, but with all the other changes, this is not top of most people’s list. Big Finish has typically made each discs’s worth of Doctor Who be 60 minutes (or more), so fans of Big Finish are already familiar with this length of episode.

I predict more changes, but here isn’t the place. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted!

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