The coming of the Doctor Chronicles

camille-coduri-as-jackie-tylerAn intriguing new-Who announcement from Big Finish this week with The Doctor Chronicles. It’s a lot like the Companion Chronicles for the ninth – eleventh Doctors, with Nick Briggs voicing the Doctors. First up is a Ninth Doctor boxset for Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri, pictured) and Adam Mitchell (Bruno Langley). The news item is: DOCTOR WHO – THE DOCTOR CHRONICLES! The set is out in May.

Thoughts on the Doctor Chronicles

As the news item says, Nick has voiced all these Doctors for BBC Audio, and, to date, Matt Smith is too busy to produce any audios, David Tennant managed one set and Christopher Eccleston’s views are well known. If you heard Destiny of the Doctor: Night of the Whisper you already know how well this idea can work, if not pick up a copy now! In this vein, the first story is Cavan Scott’s The Bleeding Heart so another good omen. The full list is:

  • The Bleeding Heartby Cavan Scott
  • The Window on the Moor by Una McCormack
  • The Other Side by Scott Handcock
  • Retail Therapy by James Goss.

My thoughts are it’s a good way to get more from the licence, no surprise not to have Bille Piper (and if she were to join Big Finish it might be a larger scale announcement), and interesting to see more directing for Helen Goldwyn, with Scott Handcock now co-producing and writing.

Roll on May!

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