Doctor Who Short Trips: Peace in Our Time review

December 2019’s Doctor Who Short Trips: Peace in Our Time is an intriguing story from Una McCormack, performed by Peter Purves. As you’d imagine it’s a First Doctor and Steven Taylor tale, and for a change [sic!] we’re in London…

Gallifrey Time War Volume 2 review

Things ended badly for Romana at the end of Gallifrey Time War Volume 1 and she struggles to turn things around throughout this new Volume 2. Spoiler alert: Rasillon is back and now in charge. This can only mean the Time War is about to get very serious indeed…

The Unsilent Library

Here’s something I missed in 2011 when it was released, The Unsilent Library. It’s a set of critical essays on the RTD era, and includes one by Una McCormack as well as a Robert Shearman introduction. It’s a Science Fiction Foundation title and was originally priced at £10 but is now just £1 + postage! *** Message…

Doctor Who: Molten Heart review

I reviewed Una McCormack’s Thirteenth Doctor novel Molten Heart for Starburst: DOCTOR WHO: MOLTEN HEART. It’s got an imaginative setting, though as a book it’s not as long as it might be, +++ Message Ends +++

Black Archive releases The Curse of Fenric

The latest Black Archive release (due September 3 2018) is the Seventh Doctor and Ace story The Curse of Fenric. If that’s not enough to tempt you to dip into this excellent range of books, you might like to know this particular study was written by Una McCormack, well-known for her Doctor Who written (Big Finish and other)…

Doctor Who: Red Planets review on CultBox

Una McCormack kicks off a swathe of Seventh Doctor stories with Red Planets. There’s an intense Cold War vibe, blended with corrupt timelines and a mission to Mars. Plenty for Ace and Mel to get involved with. Read my thoughts on CultBox: Doctor Who: Red Planets review. === Message Ends ===

First Doctor CC Volume 2 review

I’m catching up with some listening, and it’s time to talk Companion Chronicles The First Doctor Volume 2. It’s a great set of stories, and producer Ian Atkins has really pushed the envelope on the art of the possible with this set. You want more? Oh, alright then!

The Ninth Doctor Chronicles

As part of its continued foray into the new-Who license territory, Big Finish has released The Ninth Doctor Chronicles. It comprises four stories, with Nick Briggs narrating and voicing the Ninth Doctor in the absence of Christopher Eccleston, and also with Rose (and no Billie Piper). In style it’s like the Companion Chronicles mixed with the Short Trips…

The coming of the Doctor Chronicles

An intriguing new-Who announcement from Big Finish this week with The Doctor Chronicles. It’s a lot like the Companion Chronicles for the ninth – eleventh Doctors, with Nick Briggs voicing the Doctors. First up is a Ninth Doctor boxset for Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri, pictured) and Adam Mitchell (Bruno Langley). The news item is: DOCTOR WHO – THE DOCTOR CHRONICLES! The set…

This Sporting Life review on Starburst

I reviewed the Una McCormack Short Trips: This Sporting Life on Starburst. It’s a charming tale set 50 years ago, back when England were about to win the World Cup, but someone has stolen the trophy! Enter the Doctor, Steven and Dodo in this charming First Doctor story.

Benny Unbound

Another Big Finish announcement (first revealed in DWM) is the next Bernice Summerfield boxset will be The Unbound Universe. A surprise to me in that it uses the unbound David Warner and the unbound Mark Gatiss (aka Sam Kisgart) Master. I thought, from comments I’d heard at a Big Finish Day, that the Unbound stories weren’t likely…

Book bargain from the Book People

If you fancy grabbing some recent Twelfth Doctor and Clara titles in paperback, look no further than this offer from The Book People: Doctor Who Fiction Collection – 6 Books (Collection). At £7.99 for six titles, this can’t be overlooked, even if you’ve read one or two of the titles included (presents for friends?).