Is Jackie Tyler joining Torchwood?

Barrowman and CoduriWhatever Big Finish is doing in studio with John Barrowman this week just got stranger — we now have pictures of John in studio with Camille Coduri (left). Is Jackie Tyler joining Torchwood or is something else going on?

This Radio Time post gives some detail but also suggests more Tenth Doctor recording – confused? Let’s hope for an announcement soon!


On twitter I was reminded of the speculation this might be a Ninth Doctor Companion Chronicles. John Barrowman’s tweet does say #DrWho instead of #Torchwood, but Jackie and Jack didn’t meet until the Tenth Doctor on TV (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Another theory I like is these could be in a Churchill Years story, but I would imagine Ken Bentley would direct if so!

Keep on suggesting!

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  1. Ian McArdell says:

    You’re right, on screen, Jackie and Jack didn’t meet until the Series 4 finale -I’d need a rewatch to confirm if there was anything to suggest it was a first meeting though.
    I’ve a funny feeling they night have encountered each other in a 9th Doctor novel though?


    1. Tony Jones says:

      I’m not so good on 9th Doctor novels, and others have made that comment. I have seen suggestions they made it clear they hadn’t met before the finale, but need to re-watch.

      Exciting, isn’t it!


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