Torchtastic news!

camille-coduriSo, now we now: Jackie Tyler is appearing in a Torchwood title alongside Captain Jack; yes it’s the secret behind the pictures of Camille Coduri and John Barrowman that were all over social media a while ago. It’s a special called The Lives of Captain Jack released in distant June 2017. Four stories set all across Jack’s life and interestingly we get some Daleks, the Powell Estate, the return of Alonso Frama (Russell Tovey) and tons of other stars.

Torchwood One: Before the Fall

We also had the recent announcement of Torchwood One: Before the Fall. Yes it’s Ianto Jones and Yvonne Hartman in Canary Wharf in three stories by Joe Lidster, Matt Fitton and Jenny T Colgan. It’s 2005 and Cardiff is a twinkle on the horizon. We only have to wait for January 2017 for this. Happy New Year!

So, we now have a new series, a new couple of boxsets and a think all of its own, the Captain Jack special. It’s a good time to be a Torchwood fan!

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