More Doctor Who and Philosophy review

more-doctor-who-and-philosophyAs you might guess, More Doctor Who and Philosophy is a follow-up to the intriguing Doctor Who and Philosophy and in some ways is a better book. It’s smaller yet I feel more perfectly formed, and definitely something I recommend if you want a new angle on the show. Why do I think that? Read on…

More Doctor Who and Philosophy – Regeneration Time

In this title, Courtland Lewis and Paula Smithka have recruited sub-editors and slightly extended the scope of writers to include those with a big interest in the show who aren’t philosophers by trade. With fewer essays (but still a chunky book) the book feels much less repetitive and it also brings us nearly up to date as it tracks into the first Peter Capaldi series.

The focus is very much on modern Doctor Who and I have to say reading it has given me food for thought for a rewatch of the Amy & Rory stories. There are many intelligently written essays here, most will make the reader think and I recommend this to anyone who wants a less visceral review of the best (and not so best) of the programme. The book has some flaws, but as a set of thought experiments introducing the reader to some ideas of modern philosophy it does a good job. If Smithka or Lewis ever read this I’d love to be part of any later edition!

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