Incoming message from Yvonne Hartman

Thanks to RTD we have the following urgent message from Torchwood: ++ INCOMING MESSAGE ++ INCOMING ++ from Yvonne Hartman, CEO of Torchwood+ — Russell T Davies (@russelldavies63) March 26, 2020 Stay Safe –+ Message Ends +–

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us Part 3 review

With its third four-disc boxset, series 5 of Torchwood comes to a end, even if not every storyline gets a conclusion. If nothing else, there is plenty that could (should?) happen, and a follow-on series would be most welcome. Meanwhile, back in Cardiff, a surprise visitor has upset several apple-carts at Torchwood. Welcome back Yvonne Hartman!…

Yvonne Hartman is required

News from the latest (22 October 2017) Big Finish podcast and it’s the return of Tracy-Ann Oberman as Yvonne Hartman, and she’s facing up to WOTAN! Nick Pegg plays the dastardly computer, first seen in The War Machines. Looking back this is a massive story for the show, as it also swapped Dodo for Ben and…

Torchtastic news!

So, now we now: Jackie Tyler is appearing in a Torchwood title alongside Captain Jack; yes it’s the secret behind the pictures of Camille Coduri and John Barrowman that were all over social media a while ago. It’s a special called The Lives of Captain Jack released in distant June 2017. Four stories set all across Jack’s life…

Torchwood One Rule reviewed

When I first read of the return of Yvonne Hartman (Tracy-Ann Oberman) in the Big Finish Torchwood range I was impressed and intrigued. I happened to chat to Scott Handcock and James Goss at Big Finish Day 7, and it was clear this had been an enjoyable recording, and Tracy-Ann had played her part to the hilt.