Complete History volume 17 reviewed

Doctor Who Complete History 17It may be volume 17, but it is actually the second book released in the Doctor Who The Complete History collection. Not as cheap as the first edition (Complete History volume 55), it is part of a two-for-one and focusses on three Third Doctor stories. I bought this both for the price, but mostly because it covers one of my favourite ever Doctor Who stories.

The stories

This covers stories 58 – 60, ie Colony in Space, The Dæmons  and  Day of the Daleks. My favourite is Dæmons but I found the whole book fascinating. It also has a short overview of 1972 as a whole. The book works well as it is talking about stories from more than 40 years ago, and brings back memories. There are pieces on merchandise, producer interviews and even a profile of Richard Franklin (Mike Yates). This is very well worth reading and I look forward to a second read any day soon.

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