Complete History volume 1 reviewed

Doctor Who Complete History Volume 1Tidying up my home office, I realised I’d yet to review Doctor Who The Complete History Volume 1. Like many people (I suspect) I bought the first few months of subscription then cancelled once the free gifts ran out! In this case it was the free Companion Chronicle read by Sarah Sutton, The Toy. Of course the bonus was this meant finally receiving Volume 1! Two First Doctor stories, and indeed the two first stories! Yes we have 100,000 BC and The Mutants (aka The Daleks).

The stories

The first 100 pages are all about the creation of the show, and are packed with information and photographs. Much too much to comment on but it’s all fascinating. The second sixty pages are all about that first visit to Skaro and are equally riveting. Flicking through this again makes me wish I had the money to indulge in the entire series, but in all honesty I would only ever want (or be able to justify spending the money on) a pick and mix of stories. I do think this is a noble enterprise, but I suspect interest must fade as it does with all long-term subscription projects.

It’s a pity as this is a superb book, and well worth owning in its own right, even without the rest of the series.

2 thoughts on “Complete History volume 1 reviewed

  1. Hi Tony.
    Hope you’re well.
    Enjoyed your review on the first ‘Complete History’ book.
    I initially subscribed to ‘Complete History’ because of ‘The Toy’, but have stayed on with the subscription to collect all the Nyssa stories as well as review every ‘Doctor Who’ story from the books in turn.
    I’m wondering whether I should start from the beginning with reviewing every story in the Complete History books from 1 to 80 as part of a monthly challenge now that my own ‘Nyssa Challenge’ has come to an end. I’m still in a debate about it since there are still gaps e.g. Season 2 with William Hartnell is still yet to be completed.
    I’m working on it anyway.
    Enjoyed your thoughts on how you found the ‘Complete History’ books you’ve got, even though you’ve cancelled your subscription.
    Tim. 🙂

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    • Tim,

      Thanks for dropping by. I do think the Complete History books are well put together, but I can’t justify the money, nor do I have the time. This does mean I’ve missed a few I might have liked, but we can’t have everything.
      Why not give them a review?

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