365 Days of Memorable Moments and Impossible Things review

Justin Richards 365 DaysThe prolific Justin Richards has released his umpteenth non-fiction Doctor Who epic — 365 Days of Memorable Moments and Impossible Things. It’s jam-packed with information and the title is a lie. Parking that for the moment, is it any good and should you buy it? Basically not really, stay with me and I’ll explain…

365 Days

First up it caters for February 29, so it covers 366 days. That’s the lie in the title, now let’s chat about the content. As I write it is March 28th and a quick peek tells me something about the Laws of Time. It also tells me about episodes broadcast on this date: the sixth episode of Marco Polo being among them. The book is densely packed with transmission facts, first appearance, little essays and other bits and bobs. After checking a few dates I quickly reached a so what? moment. Was this book really telling me anything I wanted to know?

More than this the concept doesn’t work. While some events in Doctor Who do tie into the calendar, most don’t. What connection have the Laws of Time with today’s date? None at all. This is where the book fails.

It could work as a Christmas curio, but even here it fails – why release it in March?

I do thank BBC Books for providing me a review copy, but I have to say as I find, and this book really doesn’t add anything discernible.

Have you read it? Have I missed something? Let me know!

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